Moving With
The Agility
Of A Startup

How do you launch a global brand with a mission-critical business?

In April 2016, Emerson (NYSE: EMR) announced it was spinning off its network power business by December 1, 2016. With that announcement, Vertiv, formerly known as Emerson Network Power, now had a mission critical mandate: create an entirely new digital ecosystem across all digital channels and make sure it is fully operational on day one.

BeyondCurious was chosen to guide this digital transformation. Responsibilities included development of the digital roadmap, and design and build out of the new entity’s primary website and all other customer-facing tools across all mobile and desktop platforms. Episerver was chosen as the web content management and commerce platform. Recognized as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for web content management, Episerver provided a differentiated set of features out of the box, yet had the ability to scale with the imminent growth of the new Vertiv organization.

Additionally, BeyondCurious was tasked with the implementation and ongoing coordination and management of the technology platform that powers the Vertiv Global network.

Our strategy focused on building a digital infrastructure that would provide a strong foundation for the new entity.

This included 3 key pillars:

  • Launching an industry leading digital presence
  • Enabling connected, multi-channel commerce
  • Laying the groundwork for bulletproof digital operations

We began with our business accelerator, CatalystGo, which pulled in key stakeholders from across several global business units. The work yielded user and internal operator personas, prioritized requirements, initial product concepts, and an established set of norms for running the program across multiple business partners.

Using a pod-driven team structure and specific techniques from our Experience Research, Strategy and Design practice, we developed key insights from stakeholder interviews and user observation sessions across several geographies and personas. Within a few sprints, we designed an interactive product concept that was tested and refined with a set of actual customers.

Our content strategy methodology steered us through an evaluation of 18 existing websites – across multiple regions and languages – from which to ultimately pull together an entire content taxonomy and structure for the new website. This was completed within 2 sprints.

Next, our open modular architecture approach brought together several integration points and enabled the creation of unique user experiences across personas, product brands, channels and countries. BeyondCurious successfully integrated Episerver as the core commerce and content engine for the new website. Episerver provided the architecture foundation for multiple system integrations, including product, document & asset management, analytics, CRM, and social media.

On December 1, 2016, Vertiv was launched into the world with a mobile-enabled, global website managed via an enterprise-grade, central content management system, with support for multiple countries and languages across 9 regions. And so began a new era focused on speed, innovation and growth.







BeyondCurious pushed us to think and act with the agility of a startup while their design and technology build-outs continue to serve as the foundation from which we will launch new products and services. They understood how essential it was for us to get up to speed and innovate quickly.

Gary Anderson
VP of Global Marketing, Digital and Business Intelligence


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