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How do you unlock new business growth and increase loyalty?

As innovators, Miami HEAT was eager to set a new benchmark in fan experience.

They wanted to create an engaging mobile app experience that delivered up-to-the-minute game and player content with the HEAT family hospitality that fans have come to expect.

The app redesign was driven by two goals: to increase revenue and provide better service to their fans, specifically their Season Ticket Members. To increase revenue, the HEAT sought to drive higher usage rates of the mobile wallet and ticket features within their mobile app. The HEAT also wanted to showcase their exclusive, real-time mobile content to fans in the arena and at home. However, their existing app design made it difficult for ticket-holders to use key mobile features at the arena. To help solve these challenges, BeyondCurious elevated the app experience with an updated user journey, new features, and a fully revamped experience design.

Together, with the HEAT IT and Marketing teams, BeyondCurious designed a new way to keep the HEAT app experience content-centric, while enhancing the utility aspects of the app.

BeyondCurious arrived at the app’s redesign solution by partnering with the HEAT’s IT and marketing teams through a series of in-context research activities with Season Ticket Members at the American Airlines Arena, a 1-day CatalystGo Workshop, and 3 follow-on Design Sprints.

We began with in-arena user research consisting of Season Ticket Member interviews and game-night observational research. Insights from this research helped shape our understanding of fans’ pain points with the current app. Our research also provided valuable learnings about desired arena experiences and what’s needed to keep game-goers loyal.

Research was followed with a 1-day CatalystGo workshop. We came informed with a high-level vision, but needed to turn around an actionable plan to execute the new app design and development work. Through a series of curated activities, we identified the key business goals and metrics that would inform the design of the app. After identifying the key feature set, we prioritized the list and came to understand which features were highly valued and which could be retired.

Project Highlights



Sprints to Hi-Fi Prototype


Premier Arena Experience

After 6 hours, we had an informed design team, engaged client, and a roadmap to execute for the next 6 weeks.

The user experience and visual design prototype, including 100% feature parity, was delivered in just 3 Sprints.

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