Forever Living


How do you guide sales associates to achieve their targets?

Forever Living was seeking to create a global application to support their sales associates in achieving their targets. The existing systems were highly antiquated and needed to be reimagined to serve the diverse needs of users across 45 countries.

Project Highlights



Million Users


Sprints to MVP

We created a holistic experience based on the principles of efficiency, speed, and empowerment. The application increases competency and retention by providing an aggregated view that allows the user to get an instant snapshot and then dig deeper as needed. It removes roadblocks and redundant clicks, humanizing the entire experience and allowing the user to easily find relevant content and tools. It also helps motivate the sales force by helping them understand their performance relative to their peer group. The portal uses visual cues to show how users can achieve the next level, thereby motivating and empowering sales reps to effectively upsell and cross sell.

The entire user experience–comprised of hundreds of highly complex screens–was designed and functional workflows created in an agile fashion and delivered to FLP in just 5 Sprints. This portal is now used by millions of distributors globally.

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