Caesars Entertainment

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How do you surprise and delight guests to earn their loyalty?

The opportunity to create a dynamic, real time and relevant experience with mobile at the core, originated with a concept to empower the individual in making decisions and also satiate their need for instant gratification.

By now, most companies have checked the box on having their own branded mobile app. They are usually familiar decedents of the company’s customer-facing website, with abbreviated versions of content, simplified shopping, and other mobile features for the user-on-the-go. But do they really provide a differentiated experience, capitalizing on the contextual aspirations of mobile? Are they optimizing the channel, driving greater value for the customer?

The goal of our engagement was to clarify the focus and express the opportunities for mobile within the omni-channel guest experience. Our review of prior work and stakeholder interviews revealed that there was no shortage of ideas, concepts and envisioned features. Using our CatalystGo Accelerator approach, we defined a unifying vision and gathered and filtered ideas that set a clear, focused direction for the ultimate mobile experience. We created the vision, concept and experience roadmap for Caesars Entertainment across 50 US-based properties. A personalized guest experience was defined across web, mobile, kiosk and digital signage for several lines of business:

  • Hotel & Casino
  • Retail Mall & Stores
  • Food & Beverage
  • Spa, Golf, Entertainment

Reimagined Experience

We set a bold vision for an omni-channel guest journey that deepens relationships and sets a new benchmark for in-venue, digital experiences, reimagining:

  • Service:  Help guests do more of what they love to do by providing contextual services that enable a frictionless experience (call host, order drinks, hotel check-in, sign up for loyalty program)
  • Exploration:  Enable serendipitous discovery of relevant activities based on where you are, who you are with and what you like to do.
  • Decision Making:  Simplify decision making to a basic need to get an emotional and instinctual response. Treat social media more seamlessly and surface it to aid in decision making.
  • Loyalty Rewards:  Make loyalty the path to exclusive VIP experiences by providing a more rewarding connection to activities that members love.
Project Highlights

Requirements Prioritized


Weeks to MVP


Consolidated Mobile Vision

Our final CatalystGo outputs provided the roadmap for a transformed guest experience in the resort, enhanced by multiple digital touchpoints in the physical environment. The vision and roadmap for a unique, personalized and rewarding experience was successfully set in motion.

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