Why The Miami Heat Are Going With Mobile-Only Entry

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August 2017
Forbes covered our new Sports & Entertainment Digital Accelerator that is helping sports teams better connect with fans through digital transformation with the award-winning combination of BeyondCurious’ CatalystGo methodology and’s Digital Fan Experience Platform.

We’re making innovation actionable by launching a 6-week intensive accelerator program to transform how sports franchises engage with their fans-during game time and beyond. And what do we mean by that? Well, a few things. We want to empower sports franchises to deliver an experience that is meaningful and personalized to fans. For example, by harnessing new technologies we can show their fans where they are sitting in the arena, but we can take that a step further. Innovation allows us to use our imagination to take us anywhere and make anything possible. What if we could also show fans who is sitting around them and how close they are to the opposing team. After all, no one wants to be the only fan in competitor territory. We’re not just spouting off terms like AI-we’re helping to find the ROI. What if fans could see the shortest line for concessions or for restrooms-those are happy and connected fans who are immersed in an experience.

Sports franchises, arena, and stadium operators around the world are taking advantage of digital technology to reinvent how they connect with their fans – during game time and beyond. Accelerate your SportsTech project by tapping into proven technologies and methodologies and future-proof your team’s digital investments. For more info:

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