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BeyondCurious launches CatalystGo

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April 2015
BeyondCurious, an innovation agency that helps brands gain marketplace momentum through digital innovation, announced today the launch of CatalystGo, an offering that helps companies develop high-impact digital products better, faster and more cost effectively.

CatalystGo is the means to achieve the business imperative of innovation. It is a flexible and responsive framework for innovation, rather than a rules-based methodology. With CatalystGo, integrated teams of researchers, strategists, designers and technologists incubate ideas and build products in two-week sprints, a process that unleashes creativity while minimizing risk. Consequently, brands can accelerate the development of new products and services faster than their competition.

“Businesses with strong momentum dominate the market,” said Nikki Barua, CEO of BeyondCurious. “CatalystGo gives large businesses velocity, and growing companies scale. Our clients find that it also helps to fuel a culture of innovation that ultimately shifts their organization forward.”

Every aspect of CatalystGo is designed for speed and innovation, including the way it is priced. Traditional pricing models inhibit innovation with contracts that restrict flexibility. With CatalystGo, clients pay for a series of sprints – each of which provides a guarantee of effort and scope with the added element of flexibility. This approach provides brands a more efficient way to use their budgets while enabling the flexibility required for true innovation.

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