Meet the Youngest Game Changer at BeyondCurious

At BeyondCurious, our core values revolve around unlocking potential in people, organizations, and brands to help them become catalysts for digital change.

That being said, change is hard and most companies can’t change without some failure before success. What I love about BeyondCurious is that part of our culture is to fail fast and grow from it. And, I couldn’t work in a place that didn’t embrace that. Because BeyondCurious treats failure as a learning experience, its allowed me to try new things, take on big client-facing projects, shine where I excel while getting better at the things I need to improve upon.

In the past, this award has been given to colleagues who are on the executive team so I’m following some big footsteps. It makes me feel the work I’ve done and efforts I’ve put in have really been noticed and that’s exciting. I started at BeyondCurious as an intern and quickly moved into an external communications and marketing role. While in this role I took on quite a big project-developing the BeyondCurious website. I gained the experience of project manager and really embraced a role that before BeyondCurious, I didn’t know anything about. But somewhere amidst creating the website I fell in love with the role. It also made me feel like I was helping build the brand of this start-up company.

Now I’m running one of the largest projects for a client and in January, I’m headed to India to work closely with our off-shore teams. I’ll be there for a month side by side with 20 developers driving the project to launch.

It feels great to be considered a game changer for a company that’s mission each day is to transform not only business models, but company culture. Making companies more agile and empowering change agents. I can’t wait to be apart of what’s next.

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