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agency for digital solutions

The biggest mistake companies make when it comes to transformation

  Nikki Barua  / 

Change begins when a person or group starts to look hard at their company’s competitive situation. They then find ways to communicate this information broadly and dramatically. This is essential because just getting transformation started requires the relentless motivation of many individuals. Without that, the effort goes nowhere and companies stand still. And that, is […]

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Innovation Strategy

How Large Companies Can Innovate Like Startups

  Rich Kang  / 

Digital leaders in large companies are under increasing pressure to show results for minimal investment when it comes to launching mission critical solutions. Act more like a startup by applying a lean method coupled with an agile mindset. Learn how to yield the right solution outcome with minimal up front effort.

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user experience index

Do You Know Your XIS?

  Carrie Yury  / 

The User Experience Index Score is an evidence-based way to evaluate experiences, fueled through quantitative measures of the user experience. Learn how it can help you manage risk and ensure that you’re making the right thing for your business and end users.

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