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Biography of an Intern gone Full-Time

The BeyondCurious Mission is “To unlock the limitless potential in people and organizations.” I would like to believe that I am living proof that BeyondCurious truly operates by that statement and that it is not just consultancy jargon.

While I may not yet be able to speak on behalf of organizations, through my six-month journey at BeyondCurious, I can attest to the “People” path of our mission being lived every day.

Before starting my internship at BC, I had already completed two extremely different and diverse internships, both of which I count as some of the most fulfilling experiences of my life to date. The first was a 3-month stint in the London Headquarters of a Fortune 500 company. For a 20-year old, living abroad, this opportunity was an incredibly maturing experience from both a personal and professional standpoint (even if I was sleeping on a couch). I worked side by side some incredible business minds and gained a lifetime of connections. Unfortunately, the bulk of my work was mundane, mostly creating spreadsheets and handling daily tasks, no big projects, no real responsibilities. My next internship was in the wine country of Northern California, literally making wine. I worked 12 hour days in a mile-long cellar, carrying heavy bags of tartaric acid from one 50,000-gallon tank filled with wine to the next. And from that I experienced how to truly “Work my ass off!” Working from 10:30 AM until 10:30 PM taught me the get down and dirty attitude; to not stop until the job is complete, but overall, making wine was not a career path I wanted to pursue.

As I approached my first interview at BeyondCurious, I realized that with two internships under my belt, I had a future vision of what I wanted to do, and where I wanted to be. In my interview, I voiced that while I was young, I wanted responsibility. I wanted to see projects through from kickoff to launch and beyond. To feel a sense of participation and ownership, not simply creating spreadsheets that would end up in the company’s archives. Boy, did my wish come true.

On my first day I was given ownership of a project to create and optimize our digital inbound marketing channels, helping to drive more effective leads to BeyondCurious. Behind a calm demeanor, I was intimidated and overwhelmed; heck, I didn’t even understand what some of those words meant. And that was my first introduction to the foundation of our mission. Where in the past I would have tried to solve a challenge like this by myself, at BeyondCurious I was supported by an entire team, which wanted to see me thrive and offered insights and mentorship. I was pushed to ask as many questions as possible and in turn, was taught new tools, best practices, ethics and morals.

During this initial project timeline, I shed my skin and in turn, began to gain an understanding of what it meant to start to feel “unlocked.” Since that initial month, I have grown from someone who had some experience creating Excel Spreadsheets to a trusted team member traveling across the country to meet with high-profile clients; from being nervous to approach and talk with leadership, to running a project where leadership was delivering products to me on timelines that I had set.

As my internship came to a close, I realized I had managed to combine the office experience of London with the hard-working mentality of wine country. And with the added bonus of feeling I was beginning to expand my potential, I was beyond thrilled when I was offered a full time job; Project Manager at BeyondCurious

In summary, what I have learned from this experience is COMMIT TO INTERNSHIPS. Every internship that I have had has given me a perspective into a different industry, and allowed me to develop an array of knowledge, skills and connections that simply cannot be learned in a classroom. Whether it be making wine or making spreadsheets; meet the people, gain the experience, and let the opportunity shape who you want to be. Don’t settle for the first job that falls on your plate. I am where I am because I have gotten down and dirty, tackling a diverse set of internships before finding the right fit for me.

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